Tetete ni Kolivuti

Retreat House/Educational Centre under construction at TNK.

Message from the Provincial:

The first floor is for those who come for Retreat and is almost complete, except for the living room, plus mattresses and bedsheets. It is the ground floor that needs major work. We call it Educational Centre because it will be for conferences/workshops and other meetings. I am sure, when there is a huge crowd at TNK, the Educational Centre will accommodate any groups as well. So far the Educational Centre had been used to accommodate two different displaced groups. The first group was in 2014 when there was a flash flooding and the recent group was last Christmas when people's houses were burnt down. The Sisters would be very grateful for any financial support.

It is 13 miles (15 - 20 minutes drive) from Honiara. 

This is the training place of the Community in the Solomons.  The main focus of this place is to give formation to those who are in the novitiate.  As part of their training, the Sisters and the novitiate teach Sunday School, Bible Studies and lead Services in nearby villages on Sundays.

They also welcome groups and individuals for retreats and quiet days.

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