(with a bit of poetic licence!)

This is the time when nature spreads
in crispy yellows, browns and reds
her carpet on the Convent ground.
Here Sisters take their daily round,
inhale the morning’s freshening air,
exhale their first thanksgiving prayer.

Here within the Convent walls
the kitchen vies with chapel stalls,
comes second to that holy place
where godly nourishment takes place.

But Jennifer our cherished cook
in tireless succour feeds the nook
where godly food can never reach,
no matter how the parsons preach.

Of domesticity the best,
she welcomes with unfailing zest
all Autumn’s fruit, no matter what
the quantity. She takes the lot.
There’s beans, tomatoes, marrows too,
all kinds of veg. and and not a few
of grapes. And melons by the score,
apples to munch or bake galore.

And so does Jennifer provide
each day what mullahs all prescribe
of fruit and veg. in portions five
to keep us healthily alive.

Alas! this Eden’s marred by sin
when naughty little boys who shin
up trees,and little girls who dare
to scrump the apples hanging there.

Turned choristers, they sweetly sing
that ‘all is safely gathered in’.