To you O Christ we come
        Child of Eternal and endless love
born into the silent darkness
of our world and our lives.
We welcome you with our hopes
                  our longings and our joy
        with our unreadiness and mixed motivations
        our busyness  our tiredness
and with all that makes up our existence

To you Eternal Word
through whom all that is
was brought to be;
to you we bring:

the Alleluia of the light of the world’s first day
the Gloria of the expanse of sky above,
the Hymn of the earth and seas below
the joyous Anthem of all plants and trees,
        all flowers and vegetation
the timeless adoration of the stars
and the resounding symphony of every living creature
                in the water, in the sky and on the land

To you O Child
of Eternal Love
We bring every human being
wanted and willed by you
and precious in your eyes

To you source of all life
You our beginning and our end
to you we bring the Sanctus of your whole Creation
and joining in with your holy people
throughout the ages
we kneel in wonder,
for your birth in the night
promises us
that the night of our world
will not be forever

May we be ever eager, ever ready –
        and ever willing to welcome you
as you are born once more
into our hearts and world this day