Cyclone Namu

Were You there?
    Would You rape Your own creation 
       and tear it apart?
           Would You thrust down the massive trees
                and destroy the new-born shoots?
            Would You strip naked every living
        plant and rend the mountain sides?
    Would You change beauty into ugliness
with one almighty blast?

You did.

Was it in anger that You treated us so?
How can we believe otherwise?
Why else should You terrify us,
swamping the land with churning
          mud, and uncontrollable rivers?
Why else destroy so many young lives,
and those making heroic efforts to save others?

Did it hurt You to treat your people
                                         so roughly?
Did we need such harsh treatment?
Where was the God of love in whom 
                                          we trusted?
Was it love that led You to act thus?

Through “Namu” Your people cried
        out and returned to You.
Now as You restore the lost beauty
        to Your creation, and bring new life
                                           to the soil,
You can restore Your people to Yourself.
We, like your islands, can be
         healed and made new.