I have come
– a blazing light of joy,
dancing in the mountains
as the darkness
crumbles around me.

I have come in roaring wind
and bubbling streams,
sweeping the earth
with great tides,
filling all
with the sacred fragrance
of life.

I am the promise
of peace
and of hope.
Breath of the Risen One,
Triumph of Love.

I hear your cries,
I hold your tears,
I am in
the wordless pleas
of your heart.
I have come to be born
in the thirsty ground
of your soul.

Pain and despair –
you will be banished,
days of anguish –
you are numbered.

I have come,
come to free you,
for there are no chains
that I cannot break,
no wounds
that I will not heal,
and no night I cannot penetrate.

Take courage and be comforted,
I will draw you closer,
I will absorb you and lift you up,
carry and caress you
and sing my song through you.

I have come – 
and there is no joy
that will not be poured upon you.