The Divine Creed

I, your God, the Holy One
I, who called into being
         the visible splendour of the heavens and the earth
         and the invisible glory and mystery of life
I believe in the beauty and goodness of my creation

I believe that when I became human
I was born within all peoples of all times,
marking every heart
with the Icon of my Face

I believe that I have taken to myself
the full experience of my creation
and that there are no struggles or fears
that I do not know,
no tears that I have not wept

I believe that by submitting always to love
even to the point of desertion and death,
that I have trodden the path ahead for you
and there is no darkness my love cannot penetrate

I believe that in rising from the tomb
I have destroyed the power of death
and freed you to receive
my gift of life in all its fullness

I believe that in coming to you as Spirit
that my joy will find a home in you,
empowering you to know me
and to dance, to serve and to sing

I believe in my Bride the Church
I believe that as I am one
so will come the day
when she, as one Body
enfolding all peoples of all times
will arise
and be forever united with me

In the face of all sorrow and suffering
all pain and conflict
I believe that all will be well