Residential Retreats

March 29-31
MBTI - Introduction to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator
A weekend course to help you to learn more about yourself and others.
Suggested donation £150.
Led by Anne East and Sister Catherine CSC

April 14 -21
Holy Week and Easter with the Community of the Sisters of the Church.
Join us for all or part of the time.

June 7-9
First Time Retreat
A weekend of reflection and silence suitable for those who have not been on retreat before.
Suggested donation £120.
Led by Sister Catherine CSC

July 12-14
Moving into Stillness: Circle Dance - a way into prayer.
Suggested donation £150.
Led by Sue King

July 16 - 20
Garden Days
Come and enjoy working in our garden, helping us to prepare for our NGS 'Yellow Book' Open Garden day.
Free board and lodging!

July 27 - August 3

6-day Individually Guided Retreat (IGR)
Scripture based residential silent retreat, with one-to-one guidance.
Suggested donation £385.
Led by Sister Aileen CSC

November 22 - 24
Music and Spirituality
Comparing the spiritual experience involving music within Christianity with other faiths and with religionless spirituality, through 'musicking' including singing, playing, moving, chanting, listening and improvising. No musical skills necessary.
Suggested donation £150.
Led by The Rev Dr June Boyce-Tillman, MBE

December 24 - 27
Christmas with the Community of the Sisters of the Church
Join us for all or part of the time.

Further information is available in our Programme and on our Calendar.